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Equipment List

We use only commercial grade equipment to ensure high quality production.

We brand many of our products inhouse to keep production costs to a minimum and QC in check.

Unlike others we're happy to supply short run quantities for testing, agency sampling etc.

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EPSON CMYK+LC+LM Sublimation Printers

6 Colour Inks for perfect image reproduction

Borderless A3 printing

Maximum print area 420 x 297mm

Perfect for long term embedded branding of apparel, promotional & rigid products.

HP CMYK Heat Transfer Printers

4 Colour Toner Reproduction

Perfect for short - medium term branding of apparel & rigid products.

EPSON A3 CMYK Inkjet Printers

4 Colour Toner Photo quality reproduction

A3 Borderless printing

Suited to quick turn around posters

HP CMYK A4 Laser Printers

4 Colour Toner Reproduction
Suited to CMYK Heat transfers, 
short run quick turn around prints & proofing

Roland CAD Cutters

50 to 700mm wide with additional tiling for larger jobs

Cuts up to 500mm per second

Supports BMP, JPG, STX, AI, and EPS file formats

Stahls 16" x 20" heat presses

41 x 51cm press area

Made in the USA

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