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How can a QR Code help my business?

Do you work in an industry affected by the COVID-19 mandatory government record keeping program?

If so you'll know how important it is for your visitors to check in to your venue using your QR code.

Don't just have a sign at your entrance - why not put it on your clothing too?

​At CLUB Promos we can print QR codes onto clothing, accessories and signage to help with you meet 
the required guidelines by adding extra scanning points to ensure visitor compliance.

QR codes can also be great free marketing tools!

Increase website traffic

Create a QR code to direct potential customers to your website - we can put this code on the sleeve or back of your hoodie and anyone in proximity can scan your code to check out your website!

View your location

Create a QR code to tell people where to find you - we can print your business cards to include this code and they can scan it and save your address to their smart phone in seconds.


What's on the menu? 

We can print your footpath signage for your cafe and passers-by can scan the QR code to see what's on your menu - too easy!

Contact us to have a chat about how we can best utilise your QR code to help your business or sports club.

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“QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated

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